The Impact of Technology in Our Society

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Please note the following required guidelines when you are preparing your research paper:

  1. Topic “The Impact of Technology in Our Society (Pros–Cons)”
  2. At least 3 pages
  3. Make sure to follow the guideline in terms of Works Cited, Footnote, References and correct grammar. A rubric will be used for grading the paper.
  4. The second part requires students to create a PowerPoint file with at least 10 slides that include the following list:
  5. The first slide should contain your video clip that you produce as a presenter that include your topic and picture (20 second clip is sufficient)..example:(I will do this )
  6. Slide # 10 should ask for any questions
  7. The remaining slides should have a summary of your paper and 3 bullets each.
  8. .Each PowerPoint slides must be enhanced by using a relevant picture to the topic and animation, transition and sound.

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