Client System Role Play

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After  planning the script and videotaping the role play, how did it feel to  walk in the shoes of a social worker? What insights did you gain from  the experience? What aspects of this experience were challenging for  you? Being able to recognize the areas where you were successful and the  areas where you need improvement are what make role plays an important  part of your social work education.

For the written  segment of your Final Project, reflect on your experience in developing  this role play video. Consider any insights you gained from the  experience, as well as the challenges you might have experienced in its  planning and execution. Think about the specific techniques you used and  why you used them. Finally, review the videos your colleagues posted.  Select one of those videos and consider any areas in which your  colleague might improve his or her approach and why.

By Day 7, submit a 4 page APA-formatted paper analyzing your and a colleague’s role-play.

Your written assignment should include:

  1. A reflection on your experience in doing this role play video.
  2. An explanation of any insights you gained from the experience.
  3. An explanation of the challenges you experienced in planning and executing the role-play.
    • Focus  on insights and challenges related to demonstrating skills and engaging  as a professional social worker, not on technical aspects of  role-playing or recording the scene.
  4. An explanation of the specific engagement techniques you used and analysis of why you used them.
    • In  the course of an interview, social workers make spontaneous,  deliberate, and conscious decisions about what to do or say next, based  upon the client’s statements and non-verbal cues (column 1 and column 2  of transcript).
    • Reflect on what both parties are  experiencing and whether that is consistent or contrary to what they are  actually saying. Explain how skills used during the Engagement stage  addressed both verbal and non-behavior communication.
  5. A brief description of the colleague’s role-play video you selected.
  6. A  critique of what your colleague did well in the video you selected and  an explanation of areas in which your colleague might improve their  approach and why.

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