Earthlike Planets: Venus and Mars

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  • Compare the basic physical properties of Earth, Mars, and Venus, including their orbits
  • Learn 10 facts about Venus
  • Explain what the study of craters on Venus tells us about the age of its surface
  • Explain why the surface of Venus is inhospitable to human life
  • Explain how the greenhouse effect has led to high temperatures on Venus
  • Learn 10 facts about Mars
  • Discuss the main missions that have explored Mars
  • Describe the various features found on the surface of Mars
  • Compare the volcanoes and canyons on Mars with those of Earth
  • Describe the general conditions on the surface of Mars
  • Describe the general composition of the atmosphere on Mars
  • Explain what we know about the polar ice caps on Mars and how we know it
  • Describe the evidence for the presence of water in the past history of Mars
  • Summarize the evidence for and against the possibility of life on Mars

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