Argumentative essay

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Write an argumentative essay of four full typed pages (double spaced) that answers an ethical question pertaining to one of these topics:

  • Does the government have a right to      collect whatever information it wants, to use however it sees fit?
  • To what extent does the government have      a right to collect information about its citizens?
  • What      rights and responsibilities do Food companies have when it comes to      labeling?
  • What      responsibilities does Facebook have in monitoring their web pages? Address safety and security      concerns.
  • Formulate      your own thesis statement and topic: alternative option.

As always, the answer to the question–your thesis–should be defended…

Evaluation criteria follow:

Ethical Choices: Student thoroughly discusses at least two sides of an ethical choice to be made.

· Decision Making: Student states a position on the issue based on at least three points and offers an opposing view and counterargument supported with database sources.

· Consequences: Student identifies consequences and demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the scope, complexity, and/or magnitude of the consequences.

· Evidence: Student includes a Works Cited page that lists at least three database sources. The body of the essay includes a total of at four citations from sources.

The essay should demonstrate the following ENGL 1301 outcomes:

  • College level spelling and punctuation      skills
  • MLA format for margins, header, personal      information, paragraph indention, double spacing
  • In-text citations
  • Works Cited page
  • Clearly stated thesis statement
  • Topic sentences that flows from thesis      statement
  • Sentence variety
  • No egregious grammar mistakes

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