Marketing Strategy

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The year is 2001. Gatorade is failing. They are losing market share to Powerade. PepsiCo bought Gatorade in 1997 and bolstered them for a few years, but eventually the benefits gained from working with Pepsi diminished and the product value went with it. Pepsi brings you and your team in to run Gatorade as it’s failing, with the mandate that you increase consumption of your core product.

To regain market share and consumer perception, you have a choice.

The option: You can spend a lot of money on R&D to come up with complimentary products that enhance and bolster an athlete’s overall sports nutrition, then bring those products to market with the necessary product tie-ins and all the marketing with it. At the same time, you will have to rebrand Gatorade to a full-line product and not a stand-alone drink. The overall cost for this is very high and the risk is also very high. The outcome, if successful, could completely change the future of the drink – and potentially the industry.

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