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Students are required to learn about their chosen personality as well as the realms that were a part of that person’s life and work. The following issues should be studied (where relevant) :- 1) What were the most influential aspects of his/her background e.g. parents, school, political activity, army service etc? 2) Relate to her/his political or ideological beliefs.  3) What was his/her activities which were of public importance? 4) Evaluate the personality’s impact on Israel and Israeli society.   **5) Describe the person’s wider context e.g. political party, NGOs in Israel, role of the army, regional challenges  etc

1. At least 5 academic sources. Information can be obtained from articles, books, documentaries and class notes.

2. You are encouraged to use TAU libraries, particularly the Sourasky Central Library.

3. Extensive footnotes or end notes are required in addition to a bibliography.

4.  The expected length is between 3000- 3500 words.

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