Getting Better Grades With a Little Help From My Friends

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You  have two friends who have been struggling with exams in their classes.  They can’t figure out what they are doing wrong, so they approach you  for advice. In talking with your friends, you learn:

  1. Both of them are studying in one big cram session the evening before the exam.  They’re just not motivated to put in more time.
  2. They primarily study by just reread­ing notes and the chapters.
  3. One of your friends is only 17 and she checks her phone about every 2 minutes for text messages or social media updates.
  4. Your  other friend is returning to college after some time away and is 65  years old.  She finds it easy to recognize some information when asked a  fill-in-the-blank question, but it is much harder if she has to define a  vocabulary word or answer an essay.

The  good news is that you are enrolled in a psychology class that can help  both your friends improve their study habits and results on the exam.

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