System Requirements, Design, and Implementation Specification

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You have been selected to elicit requirements; design; and formulate  testing, development, and implementation plans for a software  application or system of your choosing. Throughout this course, you will  be developing components of the overall specification document that  will culminate in the final Key Assignment. Additional information and  the deliverables for each Individual Project will be provided in the  assignment description for this project.

Project Selection

The first step will be to select an application or a system as the  target for developing a comprehensive System Requirements, Design, and  Implementation Specification that will have sections from requirements,  analysis, high-level, and detail models as well as design, development  strategy, testing strategy, and an implementation plan. This project  will be used as the basis for each of the assignments throughout the  course and should conform to the following guidelines:

  • Nontrivial: The selected software application or  system should be a scope that is not too large to develop all of the  requirements in a 5.5-week period. A few examples of possible projects  include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • An ordering system (such as pizza)
    • An inventory control system (for a small number of parts)
    • A labor tracking or time-card system (for a small company)
    • An online appointment request system
    • An employee emergency contact system
  • Domain knowledge: Students should be familiar enough with the application or system to allow focus on their specification documentation.

Select an enterprise that fits these requirements, and submit your  proposal to your instructor before proceeding further with the  assignments in the course. Approval should be sought within the first  several days of the course. Your instructor will tell you how to submit  this proposal and what notification will be given for project approval.


For the assignments in this course, you will be developing an  all-inclusive System Requirements, Design, and Implementation  Specification. Your first task in this process will be to select an  application or system to use as the basis of your projects. You will  also create the shell document for the final Key Assignment project  deliverable that you will be working on during each Unit. As you proceed  through each project phase, you will add content to each section of the  final document to gradually complete the final project. Appropriate  research should be conducted to support the analysis in your report, and  assumptions may be made when necessary.

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