Global Perspective

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One of the key goals in playing a global business simulation is the change in mindset you as a leader must make to successfully operate from a values based perspective in a multinational context.

You as a consumer have a tremendous ability to change the world by using your values and ethics in purchasing and personal decision making. This in turn is the basis for decision making from a business leadership perspective. To demonstrate this, your main discussion question is something of a hunt and an analysis.


Main Post

· Look at the products in your home and note the many different countries involved in the creation of this products

· Select 3 that are manufactured outside of the United States, or United States manufactured products that may have elements from outside of the United States incorporated into the final product.

· In Setting your Priorities, consider and include the following in your response:  Personal Values, Organizational Results, Values, Motivation, and Priorities.

· Based on the results of your values exercise, review the ethics record of these countries, and tell us:

· if you would continue to buy products from these countries.

as a business leader would you conduct business in these countries. Why or why


Make sure to use reference your work with credible sources.

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