Anatomy & physiology

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Throughout this anatomy & physiology course, many different types of learning methods were utilized to increase the overall comprehension of material.  The overall goal of this course is to build a solid systems foundation in anatomy & physiology, while also building upon the application of learned knowledge and differential diagnosis.

Consider and answer the following questions :

  • Do you feel that you successfully met the course objectives? If not, what do you feel would have supported your ability to succeed? Rationalize and explain your answer.
    • Interpret physiological processes for select body systems.
    • Examine select body systems across levels of organization.
    • Differentiate the role of the nervous system across functional divisions.
  • Do you feel that BioDigital Human allowed a more comprehensive understanding of anatomy & physiology material? Explain your answer.
  • Do you feel that the course discussion exercises contributed to your differential diagnosis skills? Rationalize and explain your answer.

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