Politics of gender violence

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This chapter focuses on the politics of gender violence and the ways women can resist such violence. It analyzes the political context out of which violence occurs, centering on male domination, misogyny, and other systems of inequality and privilege in women’s everyday lives. The chapter includes discussion of violence against women as systemic in patriarchal societies worldwide and focuses on rape, battering and physical abuse, stalking, incest, molestation, and pornography.

Answer the following question fully in 5-7 sentences each:

  1. When did the U.S. Violence Against Women Act pass? What are its goals?
  2. What kinds of rapes occur more frequently? Which ones are most likely to be reported? What is altruistic and compliant sex? Summarize rape statistics.
  3. What are the policies and procedures about violence against women on your campus? Do you think these are sufficient?

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