Infectious diseases.

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Address the following questions related to infectious diseases:

  • What are your current risks for infectious disease?
  • What health risks do you have or others have that might make your risk of contracting an infectious disease more likely?
  • What health risks do you have that are the result of your lifestyle?
  • What infectious diseases are you concerned about getting right now on campus?
  • What actions can you take to your reduce your risks?
  • Where can you go to be tested for infectious diseases?
  • What behaviors do you or your friends engage in that might make you more susceptible to various infections?
  • Are your risks greater today for contracting infectious diseases than before you entered college? Why or Why not?
  • Think about a time that you or someone you know contracted one of  the infectious diseases listed in chapter 14 of your textbook. Describe  the experience. What could have been done differently to protect against  that specific disease?

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