Sampling and Recruitment Strategies

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There are many different sampling strategies. Your study should employ the one that will yield you the most participants in an ethical fashion. Recruitment strategies can introduce potential risk to participants. For example, recruiting at a place of employment about workplace satisfaction or publicly recruiting individuals who may not want sensitive information made known through public recruitment can present risk to employment or introduce social stigma.

If you plan to access identifiable data, consult with the IRB, since written consent is required to use identifiable participant data unless the data is publicly available such as criminal records.

Discussion Prompt

Describe initial thoughts about strategies for either recruiting participants or accessing data (records based research). Include specific information on the following:

  1. Describe where you might recruit participants and how you would obtain site permission, noting any challenges you may encounter.
  2. Describe how you will recruit participants.
  3. Assess any ethical concerns or participant risks that may be associated with your recruitment strategy.

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