Hotel technology research

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The company and crave part. Write the company that used the tablets and crave. Talk a little bit about market/competitives. Around 500 words.

Body & Headings

The body and headings of your paper should be carefully constructed, guiding the reader from one section to another in a logical order. You have freedom to structure your assignment as you wish, but the body of your paper must include:

  1. Detailed summary of your hotel department. Illustrate the its dynamics, operational challenges (must incorporate course textbook) and the problem your technology will address.
  2. Applications for your technology or trend in your hotel department. Explain how it will address the problem: who will benefit from it and how? You must validate arguments with sources. We need evidence, not your personal opinion.
  3. Outline the challenges and costs (if available) associated with implementing this technology in your hotel department. To make an educated decision, investors must understand the risk.
  4. Your group will synthesize this information and propose recommendations to the hotel group on how to effectively implement or use this technology in their hotel.

Consider the following when gathering research and structuring the body of your paper:

  • Is this a new technology or trend? What evidence supports its application?
  • Has it been tested in hotels? If not, then how come?
  • What issue can your technology or trend help to resolve or mitigate?
  • Does it help with customer satisfaction?
  • Does it generate revenue or reduce operational costs?
  • Think of why the guest would like it? Would they pay for the service?
  • Will guest soon expect this technology at all hotels?
  • Will guests know how to use it?
  • Will it be hard to train staff?
  • What impact will it have with other departments?
  • Is it ethical? Could it have a negative impact staff, local communities or the environment?

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