Design and Planning of PHCs

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This is a multi deliverable activity, for this week – it requires the following deliverable to be accomplished:
1): Problem statement= For the improvement of Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health (MNCH) in Ghana -Africa, develop a problem statement (short/one or two sentence) for the Diarrhea Disease, specifically, the control and prevention arena that relates to MNCH outcomes… In the problem statement, you are not required to discuss the cause or solution, just mention for example that Diarrhea disease is a major issue in Ghana’s MNCH and explain why and how? …
2): Deliverable one = Based on the problem statement, you will now develop your goals and objectives for Diarrhea disease control and prevention for MNCH in Ghana. This should be submitted on up to 6 powerpoint slides. With these objectives you will also indicate which indicators you have selected to measure the achievements of the objectives. Make sure you mention which US Private and Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) who are engaged in international health and development will be involved in implementing this objectives.

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