Sustainable Plans, Programs, and Design

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Meet with your group and identify a problem area within a city or region for which sustainability solutions could be applied to remedy, improve, or resolve the issue.
The written report of your project should follow this format and be 12-15 pages long.

· Introduction


o Provide the context and a situational analysis of the research topic at hand.

o Clearly state the issue your group will be exploring, why you chose it, and how sustainability offers a solution.

o What are the objectives of your research and plan? Why is it important to solve or mitigate the problem area that you have identified?

· Literature Review


o Perform research and locate scholarly articles that have been written about the issue and potential solutions,

o Summarize and synthesize the literature in this section, addressing how the literature has informed your solution.

· Methodology


o States and explains the process by which data, results, and evidence are collected, organized, and analyzed.

o What is the plan or organization for the research/study/design your group is undertaking?

o What is your approach? What data are you relying on and how are you collecting it?

· Analysis & Results


o What did you find?

o What are your solutions to the problem?

o How do your solutions address the issue?

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