Nature of social change.

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The purpose of this discussion is to better understand the double-edged nature of social change. Evolving and constantly developing, human societies experience change at increasingly faster rates, mostly due to the introduction of technology. Technological invention can result in breathtaking opportunity (space travel, internet) and deadly consequences (nuclear war, environmental disaster) in the ever forward march we humans call progress.


1. First, examine the research on the significant social changes created by technology in pre industrial and industrial societies and in your own lifetime.

2. Then, in your post (minimum of 150 words), for each era address the following in your response:

How has technology changed education, religion, economy, and work in preindustrial and industrial societies and in your life?

How has technology changed face-to-face interaction and communication generally, and what is its impact on social cohesion? How is technological advancement related to anomie and alienation in preindustrial and industrial societies, and especially in the age of the internet?

Include a personal reflection of how technological advancement has impacted you individually and changed society in your lifetime.

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