Environmental Policies

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The National Park Service manages all the national parks in the U.S. The agency also is tasked with the management of the monument. According to the environmental policy, the main purpose of this body is to offer recreational activities for citizens and at the same time preserving the ecosystems (Dale, 2015). The BLM and the Forest Service, on the other hand, plays the role of extraction of resources like timbers. The U.S Forest service agency operates within the U.S Department of Agriculture administering the national grasslands and forests. The Bureau of Land Management operates under the United States Department of the Interior tasked with the distribution of public land. Unlike the forest service which has land all over the country, BLM land is only located in the western half of the country.

Wild Horse and Burro Act are one of the agencies formed under federal land management to preserve the native plants. The act formed in 1971 had direct effects on the Bureau of land management since it limited the techniques of BLM eliminating wild horses or rather animals that could sustain oneself on the BLM lands but instead require their protection (Loomis, 2002). Initially, the BLM was of the idea that those animals be killed, but it had to change their direction and adopted a Horse program. The program used a more humane approach and responded to the growing population of the non-native species and the adverse effects they had on the native plants as well as the wildlife populations on BLM lands. The sole function of this agency was to protect the endangered species and ensure their continuity. The endangered species Act’s roles revolve around conserving the threatened and endangered plants and the habitat they are found. The act has influenced the operations of the Wild Horse and Burro Act through funding it as well as foreseeing its operations so that it remains true to its mission of ensuring the continuation of the existence of species.


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