Researching Majors/Training Program using SII:

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Now that you have the Strong Interest Inventory results, this assignment is to help you use the information obtained from the Strong Interest test to begin narrow down academic and career pathways.  Part of determining your career path may include determining your academic training and developing an academic plan so you can learn the skills and knowledge to reach your goals.  In doing so, you are preparing and shaping your career decision.

Part I:  For the assignment, summarize your results from the Strong Interest Test and what learned from the Strong Inventory (1-page summary.)  Areas to include in your summary paper:

  1. What career and academic paths stood out for you and what areas you want to highlight and further pursue?
  2. Are the results congruent with your interests or are the results completely off? (For example, compare pages 3, 4 and 5 for the Strong)
  3. Are there any surprises and suggestions you had not thought about?
  4. Review the Basic Interest Scale – are the suggested areas accurate assessment of your interest or are you surprised by the list?  How do you suggest areas fit in your general self concept?
  5. Related to the occupational Scales, what occupations do you think are best fit for you based on the recommended list?
  6. As for Personal Style Scales, how does it describe your preferences on the 5 different dimensions?
  7. As for college majors, what is the test suggesting you should be exploring in college?
  8. What activities should you be engaged in on campus?
  9. What other information is missing for you?

Part II:  Research two academic major / career training programs that are of interest and that is supported by the career testing.  Write a 2 page typed doubled spaced paper detailing what you found about the major or training program.  Extra 5 credits will be awarded to students who meet with an advisor before Dec 12 to develop an educational plan with an academic advisor.   For students who may not be at a place to develop an educational plan, meet with a Career Specialist at OCE&E or the class instructor for the extra credit opportunity.

Important information to consider in your paper:

  1. Review your Highest Basic Interest Scales and select 2 possible majors that fit your interest profile.
  2. Review your Occupational Scales and identify 2 possible career paths that fit the majors / career training
  3. Through research, identify the type of classes that fit the two majors or training programs and identify possible degrees for the associated career paths.
  4. As you review the classes, identify your strengths in the coursework and assess possible barriers you may encounter in completing the classes and degree? For example, how likely do you believe you will be successful in the classes? Why? What are the possible barriers you anticipate?
  5. Describe how the majors and careers fit in your self-concept and career identity – highlight values and attributes that fit your self-concept.
  6. Identify job opportunities are there in your field of interest? What is the job outlook?
  7. If you are in a transfer program, what other institutions offer your academic program or degree? What colleges or Universities are you interested in transferring?  Do they have your major of interest?  Looking at the courses you have taken or will take, are there major pre-reqs you need to be aware of and other admission information to note?
  8. What entry level jobs are available for your field of interest? What possible internship opportunities are available to you?

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