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  • 1. Find a web site (has to be a “.org” one) that has is sociologically relevant that provides support and/or intervention and/or knowledge dissemination of a particular kind of relationship violence and/or maltreatment.   Please do not settle on the first website you come across, instead take some time to make a careful decision as your success on this assignment will depend on your choice of a particular website.  Study this website thoroughly.
  • 2. Summarize in detail what you have learned from the information given on this website. (25%)
  • Explain the sociological relevance of this website by tying its information to course material, we have learned throughout the course to make your case. (45%)
  • Give positive feedback to this website (such as, what did you find most useful, is its purpose meaningful, etc). (10%)
  • What could be improved on this website (is it user friendly? Is the information current? etc.) (10%)
  • Overall Writing: Grammar, Transition, Spelling (10%)


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