SWOT for your Pet Food

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This week’s DB requires you to outline the SWOT for your Pet Food(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).

Within your Original Discussion Thread identify which of the product’s STRENGTHS you will leverage in your marketing activities. This means you should choose a minimum of one Strength and give a detailed explanation of how that “S” will be the one that will allow you to develop a solid marketing strategy.

When responding to your peers, make sure to point out what Weaknesses and Threats could affect their proposed marketing activities.

To avoid formatting confusions, please follow the template provided within 2-2 Final Project Part I Milestone One: SWOT Analysis & Discussion

An easy way of identifying the SWOT elements is using the following reasoning:

“S & W”: Both are considered INTERNAL FORCES, this means that the company can influence them and control them. E.g.: W – High Price (the company can lower the costs) /// S – High Brand Recognition (the company can advertise more or less to modify the recognition)

“O & T”: Both are considered EXTERNAL FORCES, this means that the company cannot influence or CONTROL them. E.g.: T – Competition (other brands on the market) /// O – New Distribution Channels (offer the product through retailers other than SNHU pet store)

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