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Discussion: 150 words


  1. The uses of the notes to the financial statements
  2. The significant information found in the auditor’s report

Identifying Types of Supporting Materials

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Purpose:  To increase your familiarity with different types of supporting materials.

Instructions:  Go to the American Rhetoric website ( and choose a speech from the Speech Bank. After checking out the speech, answer the following questions.


  1. What speech did you choose? List the speaker, title, location, and date of the speech.
  2. List each type of supporting material—narratives, examples, definitions, testimony, facts and statistics—and indicate whether or not the speaker used that time. Give an example of each type of supporting material the speaker used.
  3. How effective were the supporting materials the speaker uses? Explain your answer.
  4. How did the supporting materials help the speaker achieve her or his specific purpose?
  5. What have you learned about supporting materials that you’ll apply to your speeches in the future?

Urinary System Anatomy and Physiology

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Urinary System Anatomy and Physiology

This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:

  • Identify the anatomical structures of the urinary system and their functions
  • Describe the composition of urine
  • Explain the physiology of the urinary system

Assignment Overview

This presentation assignment explores the anatomy and physiology of the urinary system.


·       A five-slide PowerPoint presentation

Activity Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Create a PowerPoint presentation

Create a five-slide PowerPoint presentation that covers the following topics:

o   Anatomy of the urinary system

o   Path of urine formation

o   Composition of urine

Conduct research as necessary and include images in your slides (cite your sources). Be concise. Put detailed notes in the notes section of each slide.

Human technological change

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What is the role of human technological change in shaping the environment?


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1.Discuss your views on using the Internet to find a mate. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Additionally, how has technology affected the composition of the family? Has the family changed because of technology? Explain?


Healthcare organization

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In this critical thinking assignment, research a healthcare organization within Saudi Arabia in which you are currently employed or choose one with which you are familiar.

Respond to the following questions:
What specific steps does the chosen healthcare organization take to identify risk, manage risk, reduce risk, or prevent risk?
Do they employ a dedicated risk manager? If so, what are the key responsibilities of that person (training staff, onboarding, auditing, etc.)?
If they do not have a specific risk manager, who is responsible for managing risk?
How do they manage risk for both the employees and the patients?
Are there separate programs or do they overlap?
Lastly, in your opinion, are they doing enough to address risk?

Temporal data types

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Explain what the different temporal data types are in MySQL and how they differ.