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Discussion: 150 words


  1. The uses of the notes to the financial statements
  2. The significant information found in the auditor’s report

What Is The Difference Between Acute Allergic Conjunctivitis Vs Chronic Conjunctivitis?

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what is the difference between acute allergic conjunctivitis vs chronic conjunctivitis?

Depreciation and Nontaxable Property

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Companies buy, use, and sell many types of property as a part of business operations. The amount involved can be substantial as can be the tax implications.

Based on your readings for the module, respond to the following:

  • Describe the purpose of depreciation (or cost recovery) deductions. Give an example of how it benefits a company.
  • Describe the requirements to qualify for a nontaxable exchange of property.
  • When might it be in the best interest of a company not to qualify for a nontaxable exchange treatment? Give an example to explain your answer.

Information Management

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  • Identify the components of an information system (IS) using the five-component framework, and provide a brief summary of each.
  • Explain Porter’s five forces model.
  • Management IS (MIS) incorporate software and hardware technologies to provide useful information for decision-making. Explain each of the following IS, and use at least one example in each to support your discussion:
    •  a collaboration information system,
    •  a database management system,
    •  a content management system,
    •  a knowledge management/expert system,
    •  a customer relationship management system,
    •  an enterprise resource planning system,
    •  a social media IS,
    •  a business intelligence/decision support system, and
    •  an enterprise IS.
  • Identify and discuss one technical and one human safeguard to protect against IS security threats.
  • There are several processes that can be used to develop IS and applications such as systems development life cycle (SDLC) and scrum (agile development). Provide a brief description of SDLC and scrum, and then discuss at least one similarity and one difference between SDLC and scrum
  • Sum up your paper by discussing the importance of MIS.


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Culture and Values One of the distinguishing factors of culture is that of shared values. Cultural values are learned and reinforced through the socialization process and then passed from one generation to the next. This learning process can be both direct and subtle, but the result is that people absorb their culture values, which their thoughts and behaviors begin to reflect.

For your initial discussion post in this week discussion, you will observe advertisements you see around you on TV, in magazines, on billboards, and so on. Then, address the following prompts:List 4 core values of American culture.  Reflect on the ads you viewed, and discuss how you believe mainstream and popular culture reflect American values.  With America being a melting pot of other cultures, do you think American values make Americans more culturally relative or ethnocentric?


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identify and discuss some of the legal rights that most affect the prison population.  What limitations are placed on officers, and how do correctional facilities balance inmates’ rights with safety?  Compare restrictions placed on inmates versus offenders on community supervision.


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Compare the various motivations for establishing the colonies. How well did the colonies achieve their original purpose or have to adapt to unexpected situations in the New World? Give specific examples from a few of the different colonies.

  • For example, what motivated colonists to settle in Jamestown, Plymouth, Rhode Island or Philadelphia?
  • How did the colonies interact differently with the American Indians?
  • What impact did settlement patterns have on colonial growth and cohesion?
  • Do you see any connection between the settlement patterns and later when the colonies rebelled against Britain?

2. Module 2: Critical Thinking

Using Indentured Servants for Labor (paper)

Labor in colonial America was scarce. Write a paper explaining the development of using indentured servants for labor in the colonies. Below are some of the items you may include:

  • Indentured servants, beginning and decline of this labor type
  • Changes, problems, and issues with indentured servant labor
  • Unintended consequences of using indentured servants.

Business & Finance

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1. On the day Harry was born, his parents put $1600 into an investment account that promises to pay a fixed interest rate of 5 percent per year. How much money will Harry have in this account when he turns 21? Round to two decimal places.

2. At what rate must $287.50 be compounded annually for it to grow to $572.86 in 8 years? Submit your answer as a percentage and round to two decimal places.

3. How much money must be put into a bank account yielding 7.25% (compounded annually) in order to have $2,250 at the end of 7 years? Round to two decimal places.

4. Biff deposited $10,000 in a bank account, and 12 years later he closes out the account, which is worth $20,000. What annual rate of interest has he earned over the 12 years? Submit your answer as a percentage and round to two decimal places.

5. How much money do you need to place into a bank account that pays a 3.2% rate in order to have $800 at the end of 6 years? Round to two decimal places.

6. Your grandparents deposit $1,000 each year on your birthday, starting the day you are born, in an account that pays 6% interest compounded annually. How much will you have in the account on your 21st birthday, just after your grandparents make their deposit? Round to two decimal places.

7. Auto Loans R Them loans you $26,000 for four years to buy a car. The loan must be repaid in 48 equal monthly payments. The annual interest rate on the loan is 9 percent. What is your monthly payment? Round to two decimal places.

8. Your company has received a $50,000 loan from an industrial finance company. The annual payments are $6,202.70. If the company is paying 9 percent interest per year, how many loan payments must the company make? Round to the nearest number of periods.

9. You are ready to retire. A glance at your 401(k) statement indicates that you have

$1,500,000. If the funds remain in an account earning 6.5%, how much could you withdraw at the end of each year for the next 20 years? Round to two decimal places.

10. If you wish to accumulate $280,000 in the child’s college fund after 18 years, and can invest at a 7.5% annual rate, how much must you invest at the end of each year if the first deposit is made at the end of the first year? Round to two decimal places.