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pipe and filter style of commands

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Research the history of the pipe and filter style of commands. In a 2- to 3-page report, explain the strengths and limitations of the approach. Compare it with earlier command styles. please review the attached rubric as to make sure all points are covered


Outcomes-Centered Course Design

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Outcomes-centered course design guarantees a high level of student engagement and conforms to the accountability requirements of accrediting agencies. Chapter Two of the text proposes starting the course design process with what you want your students to be able to do by the end of the course.

Create one course outcome for any subject area or course idea of your choosing. Be sure to include the three parts found in Chapter Two of your text:

Part 1.    A statement of measurable performance

Part 2.    A statement of conditions for the performance

Part 3.    Criteria and standards for assessing the performance

Next, review Exhibit 2.1, “General Types of Learning Outcomes,” also in Chapter Two of your course text. What type of learning outcome have you created? Cognitive, psychomotor, affective, social, or ethical? Explain your reasoning behind your choice of style of learning outcome.


***APA format***

***At least 1 page***

**Reference page**

**3 Scholarly sources including the text**


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Garber Corporation had 40,000 shares of $10 par common stock outstanding on January 1, 2016. On June 1, 2016 Garber purchased 5,000 shares of its own stock on the open market for $22 per share and held it as treasury stock. On October 1, 2016 Garber declared and issued a 10% stock dividend. The market value of Garber’s stock was $24 per share on October 1. Garber’s board of directors declared and paid a cash dividend of $57,750 on December 15, 2016.

a) Prepare the journal entry for the treasury stock purchase.

b) Prepare the journal entry for the stock dividend.

c) Prepare the journal entry for the cash dividend.

Compare and Contrast

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Research two physicists and their life work in preparation for your final project. In a two page paper, compare and contrast the physicists impact on society. Remember to save the any media you collect for your final presentation. Paper must have two sources and follow APA format.


Project Overview

Imagine you are a documentary filmmaker and you’re doing a short film on the life and work of a physicist. Using any slide share or movie making software, you will utilize information gathered throughout the course to create a visual biography. This multi-media presentation will include images, video and voiceover dialogue consisting of a mix of research and original content that demonstrates your analysis of course concepts. The movie will be accompanied by a paper that supplies the dialogue for the visuals of your film.

Predicting and Developing a Long-Term Growth Strategy

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To develop a strategic plan, as a nonaccounting manager, you need to analyze and link management accounting data and performance information with business strategies. You also need to extend the scope of management accounting beyond the organization. For this perspective, you will need to focus on variables that are external to the firm, such as variables relating to markets, customers, and competitors. This external focus will help you develop a sustainable competitive advantage, which is the primary element of your long-term growth strategy.

In this assignment, you will analyze the factors that affect the long-term growth strategy of a company.


Respond to the following:

  • What can you learn from the financial statements of competitors that determine the relative cost position of your company?
  • What are some of the ways in which you can secure a sustainable cost advantage over the competition?
  • How does maintaining a strong understanding of relative costs help you maintain the competitive advantage?
  • How do you use cost structure to differentiate products? Do you think product differentiation is a successful growth strategy? Why or why not?
  • What is the usefulness of conducting a customer profitability analysis?

Currency Concern

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Suppose a U.S. wood-products company has facilities and employees in Canada providing its raw materials (wood), but has most of its sales in the United States. 

(1) What are the most important operational and financial risks in this arrangement?

 (2) How can the company pay its Canadian employees, who presumably want Canadian dollars, when its U.S. customers are paying in U.S. dollars? Furthermore, how can it calculate its profit if revenue is in U.S. currency and most of its costs are in Canadian currency? 

In your responses, provide constructive critiques and supplemental insights. Support your critique with sound reasoning and evidence.

 Paper Requirements: 12-font, Times New Roman, doubled space, 1-inch margin, 1 to 2 pages (not including cover and reference page), APA style


Social and Ethical Aspects of Advertising and Promotion

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Each person will write 200-250 word count on the following:



Advertising creates and perpetuates stereotypes. Advertising creates images to which  consumers can relate.


Research a single pair using the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database, available in the Specialized Resources section of the University Library.


Include a defense of the pro position and arguments for the con position, as well as counterarguments and closing rebuttals for both positions. Select only one set for this assignment.

 site reference 


Support your arguments with credible sourced information rather than your opinion.