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What is the basic tenet of Orientalism?

Europeans do not represent people from the orient.

Intellectuals engaged in the discourse of Orientalism maintain that Orientals are incapable of representing themselves, and Europeans accordingly must represent them. The result: the creation of European subjects and Oriental objects through discourses of difference involving race, gender, and sexuality.

Orientals are capable of representing themselves, and they do not need the assistance of Europeans to define their experiences.

European representation of Orientals is devoid of stereotypes.

Cold War era

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During the Cold War era, Mexican officials engaged in what is known as Mexico’s hidden war. What was the official two pronged strategy implemented by the Mexican authorities?
Combating drug trafficking and promoting dissidence in rural Mexico.

Coalescing drug trafficking and dissidence in rural Mexico.

The eradication of dissidence and drugs.

Combating drug trafficking and promoting economic development in rural Mexico.

President Felipe Calderón

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In 2006, President Felipe Calderón implemented a strategy to combat drug trafficking activities which amounted to fighting fire with fire. What was the result of this strategy?

A decrease in the violence associated with drug trafficking activities.

The disarticulation of the main DTOs in Mexico.

A factionalization of the main DTOs, resulting in an escalation of narcoviolence.

An decrease in the production and distribution of narcotics into the U.S.

Synthetic drugs

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In Mexico, these clandestine laboratories for the production of synthetic drugs are set up in remote, rural areas, areas that are environmentally protected zones.



Crack cocaine labs



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What is a possible solution to narcodeforestation?

Defoliation policy

Drug Policy Reform

Interdiction policy

Eradication policy

Drug trafficking and deforestation in Mexico and Central America

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What explains the spatial and temporal overlap of drug trafficking and deforestation in Mexico and Central America?

There is a strong casual evidence.

Limited by classified data on traffickers’ illegal activities and the dangers of conducting on site research.

Strong, incorruptible institutions in the region.

A bilateral collaboration by authorities to combat drug trafficking activities.

Low approval rates on asylum

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What are some of the reasons for the low approval rates on asylum claims from Mexican nationals?

Political, military, and economic ties between the United State, Mexico, and Central American nations.

Bias against Mexican asylum seekers reflected in political discourse, public opinion, and media reports.

Incomplete and/or inaccurate information about country conditions in Mexico by EOIR judges.