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ETs-on-Earth passage

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Is the claim made in the ETs-on-Earth passage reasonable and possibly true?     2 pages

Sources: Your primary source is How to Think About Weird Things.  You need only one credible secondary source, find your secondary source on the Internet.

Thesis statement: your answer to the research question.

SEARCH the following passage, from page 92 of How to Think About Weird Things:

The evidence that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth and currently operating in our skies on a regular uninterrupted basis is extensive beyond a shadow of a doubt both in scope and detail. In its totality it comprises a body of evidence so profound that it has numbed the human experience of all government and religious leaders around the world into an absolute de facto policy of denial. This would also include most if not all members of the mainstream scientific community who fear the social stigma associated with the subject. (From a UFO/alien visitation Website.)

the claim the assignment asked you to SEARCH ^^^^^^above


1. Spot logical fallacies in this claim (logical fallacies: Non Sequitur; Slippery slope; Ad hominem; Emotional appeal; false dichotomy / false dilemma; Post Hoc, ergo propter hoc; Hasty generalizations; )

2. diagram the logical argument used in this claim

3. What guiding principles are you able to use when looking at the claim?

4. What kind of evidence is present in the claim?

5. How do beliefs affect the claim?

Academic and practitioner literature

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What aspects of the academic and practitioner literature did you find particularly applicable to Dr Marshs scenario?


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Question: Explain in detail Economics in that culture. Writing in your own understanding and words.

Power management and reliability Matlab project

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Project Description

Write a Matlab program with GUI (graphical user interfaces) to solve (1) economic dispatch problems, and (2) power flow problems.

(1) Economic dispatch using Lambda-iteration method:

Input: Quadratic fuel cost function; Total load demand; Generation limits.

Output: Optimal output of each generating unit (kW or MW); incremental cost ($/kWh or $/MWh); Total fuel cost ($/hour); Plot IC curves.

Please find the needed input data or make reasonable assumption.

(2) Power flow: a sample system is shown in Figure 1.

Input: Bus data (Table 1); Line data (Table 2); Select power flow solution algorithms


• Newton-Raphson – power flow solutions (see Table 3) and total power losses in MW and MVAR.

• Decoupled power flow – power flow solutions (see Table 4) and total power losses in MW and MVAR.

• DC (linear) power flow – power flow solutions.


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Write a short summary for each pathogen ( Salmonella and Shigella, L. monocytogenes, Campylobacter, Vibrio parahemolyticus and V. vulnificus, Clostridium perfringens (and C. botulinum), Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus, Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (O157:H7), Bacillus cereus) including the following:

Describe for each presentation pathogen (1) a typical outbreak (2) symptoms

(3) briefly, the biology of the pathogen and its


(4) some foods implicated in outbreaks

(5) some control measures that can minimize

illnesses due to this pathogen.

Describe a typical outbreak = this can be brief

Describe symptoms = include time frame (hours, days, weeks, etc).

Biology = gram reaction, morphology, aerobe/anaerobe, etc.  Are there any special biological properties that make this organism more infectious?  Does it have a toxin?  What are the properties of the toxin? (heat stable/labile?)

Epidemiology = how many illness in the USA per year?  How many deaths per year?  Are there locations in USA that have higher incidences?

Implicated foods = what foods are most likely to be related to outbreaks of this pathogen?

Control measures = this section is very important.  What can be done to eliminate this pathogen?  What can be done to minimize this pathogen? Hand washing, cooking, fast cooling, etc

Business publication

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Choose a recent article from a reputable business publication (i.e. WSJ, Forbes, Economist, AdAge, AdWeek, or other edited business trade publications; not an unedited online source – like “Joe’s blog”. You can pick standard newspaper articles but you will lose a point or two for sources like CNN, New York Times, etc.) You should briefly summarize the article for the class and explain how it is related to the Marketing concepts of Consumer Behavior that we are studying. You should initiate a discussion with the class about the relevance of the information found in the article and more importantly, you should provide additional information on the topic to trigger a discussion.
this is my article

Ad saturation and over-targeting damaging people’s trust in brands

summarizing this article and then writing about what is related to the textbook and then you can find a related video and ask a few questions for discussion.

Certifications that are open.

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Write a brief summary of certifications that are open.
Consider if any of the certifications would be valuable to career.
Investigate and report on exam options.