Uncomfortable at work

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Virtually everyone has experienced a time at work when they were made to feel uncomfortable in some way. Looking back at that experience and taking what you have learned from this course, how might you have approached or reacted to the situation differently? Do you feel you are now more equipped to mitigate or respond to a similar situation if it were to present itself again? Why, or why not?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words.

Application of strategic planning concepts to professional and academic contexts.

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Post an application of strategic planning concepts to professional and academic contexts. Your application should include answers to the following:

  • What concepts did you find that changed the way you developed your Hook statement?
  • What connections did you discover that helped to ground your Anchor statement?
  • How did your General Business Problem incorporate any key learning outcomes for the course?
  • How will this course content help you refine your Specific Business Problem?

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source.

Suspending a student with disabilities

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Describe three aspects of due process for a school seeking to suspend a student with disabilities. 250 words with one reference.


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Write two page and a half essay analyzing the psychological of at least one character. on watch man comic book


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Explain and evaluate the theory of ethics known as “Utlitarianism.”

Monitoring Toddlers and Technology

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Argument:  Children need to be guided during the use of technology to avoid incidences such as cyber-bullying

Length:  5-8 pages

MLA format complete with work cited page

All references must include internal citations

Communication technique

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This exercise involves analyzing a communication technique—presentations. On a daily basis, it is often expected that professionals be proficient with presentations.

For this exercise, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that serves as your own professional code of communication. This exercise allows you to analyze communication techniques and reflect upon your own communication skills. Include at least the following within the presentation:

•Present your professional communication style.

• Present your communication strengths.

• Present your communication opportunities—how can you improve your communication skills?

• Present how you prefer to receive communication within a workplace.

• Present a professional workplace example of when a phone call might be better than an email.

• Present whether or not you believe that texting and instant messaging can be valuable in the workplace.

• Include at least three visuals (e.g., photographs, images, charts, or graphs).

• The presentation must contain at least twelve slides.