environmental science

Human technological change

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What is the role of human technological change in shaping the environment?

Food hazards

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Describe the categories of hazards that may be present in foods and suggest methods for their control and prevention.

Food recalls

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How do food recalls contribute to the safety of our nation’s food supply? What do you think are some strengths and weaknesses of this process?

Low approval rates on asylum

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What are some of the reasons for the low approval rates on asylum claims from Mexican nationals?

Political, military, and economic ties between the United State, Mexico, and Central American nations.

Bias against Mexican asylum seekers reflected in political discourse, public opinion, and media reports.

Incomplete and/or inaccurate information about country conditions in Mexico by EOIR judges.


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Discuss the various direct and indirect environmental values associated with the natural resource you were assigned: (OCEANS)  One of the critical components of accessing the direct value of something is by determining the market price for that item. The ocean does not have any direct value as it is challenging to access the value. It is also difficult to quantify the value that gained by utilizing the ocean and its resources, whether that is the water supply for villages, fishing or even tourist activities

Effects of global warming

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Write the causes and effects of global warming

Bergerac’s existing plant

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Utilizing the information in the readings throughout the course, why would you NOT support Bob McCarthy’s recommendation to build a cartridge manufacturing plant within Bergerac’s existing plant? Explain your rationale! Again you MUST NOT support Bob Murphy. No other approach is allowed!