Narcoviolence and Gang violence on U.S.

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What are the effects of Narcoviolence and Gang violence on U.S. immigration claims?

Asylum claims.

Convention Against Torture (CAT) cases.

Withholding of Removal.

All of the above

Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs)

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El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras have been besieged by both Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs), as well Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs). This has created a humanitarian crisis. These three Central American nations are collectively known as:

The Southern Triangle.

The Northern Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle.

The Western Hemisphere Triangle.

Drug trafficking activities,

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These policies are predicated by U.S. drug policy in their attempts to combat drug trafficking activities, especially with Mexico are known as:
War on Drugs

War on DTOs

Turf Wars

War on Organized Crime

Trump Doctrine

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  • What has President Trump proposed that might   constitute a Trump Doctrine?    Explain. Provide a case study to illustrate your view. Back up your claims with constitution


Judicial review

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What is “judicial review”? explain its origin and significance


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Please respond to the following:

  • Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following:
    • Identify one or two impediments that may prevent an average citizen from receiving a fair trial in the U.S. Then, determine at least one policy that could prevent unfair trials in the U.S. court system.
    • What are some aspects that differentiate the American judicial system from other systems? If you have Netflix, I encourage you to check out National Geographic’s series Locked Up Abroad.
    • Remember, fairness is NOT the same as justice — those are two different things, so be careful not to confuse the two…more on this later…
    • Also remember that there is no mention in the Constitution of the courts being allowed to interpret the Constitution…they can interpret that law based on the Constitution, but not the Constitution itself.

Advancement of American foreign policy

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Consider the four major presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan. Select the president that in your judgment made the best contribution to the advancement of American foreign policy. Support your selection with a number of reasons for your position.