Information Technology


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1. This chapter’s opening scenario illustrates a specific type of incident/disaster. Using a Web browser, search for information related to preparing an organization against terrorist attacks. Look up information on (a) anthrax or another biological attack (like smallpox), (b) sarin or another toxic gas, (c) low-level radiological contamination attacks.

2. Using a Web browser, search for available commercial applications that use various forms of RAID technologies, such as RAID 0 through RAID 5. What is the most common implementation? What is the most expensive?


1. Using a Web browser, identify at least five sources you would want to use when training a CSIRT.

2. Using a Web browser, visit What information is provided there, and how would it be useful?

3. Using a Web browser, visit What is Bugtraq, and how would it be useful? What additional information is provided under the Vulnerabilities tab?

4. Using a Web browser, visit What information is provided there, and how would it be useful? What additional information is provided at

IT governance planning

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Search the Internet for IT governance planning. Select a specific governance plan that exists at a company or a plan framework from an organization. Write a 2-page paper on three or four of the most important suggestions from the plan you select.

You must provide a reference to the site where you found the governance plan, in APA format.

Social engineering attacks or reverse social engineering attacks.

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Perform a search on the Web for articles and stories about social engineering attacks or reverse social engineering attacks. Find an attack that was successful and describe how it could have been prevented.

Minimum 350 words and You must provide a minimum of a reference, in APA format, in your original response.

IT-enabled value

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Which of the following is NOT characteristic of IT-enabled value?

IT value is both tangible and intangible.

IT value is not variable across organizations.

A single IT investment can have a diverse value proposition.

Different IT investments have different objectives, value propositions, and value assessment techniques.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)

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At the end of 2006, a new edition of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) went

into effect. Using a web search tool, learn more about the FRCP. What likely effect will its

emphasis on electronically stored information (ESI) have on an organization’s need for a digital

forensic capability?

Data visualization

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Identify what you consider is the best data visualization and what you think is a bad visualization on the web discuss why you think so. Provide URLs to the visualizations .Also discuss your classmates posting and your opinion on their choice.

Information systems about security

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  • Why is educating users of information systems about security particularly difficult?
  • What are some of the problems with using traditional educational approaches when teaching information security?