Managerial Approach To Marketing

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  1. What questions do you have about the overarching Unit 5 assignment? Although not due until the end of the class, it is important that you begin planning for this project early in the course. What are your initial thoughts about how you will approach this assignment? Explain.
  2. Using the product you chose in Unit 1 discussion board, List two features of the product and assess how they transform into benefits for you; determine consumer behavior towards your product as compared to their current behavior towards your competitor’s product. Discuss how the product fits your lifestyle or psychographic.
  3. Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, what level of need will your ‘improved’ product meet? Explain.
  4. Draft a mission statement for your product and set three (3) specific applicable marketing goals which you would like to meet in your marketing strategy

Social marketing and media advocacy.

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  • Review this week’s resources on social marketing and media advocacy.
  • Locate a social marketing campaign (that is no more than 5 years old) related to a health issue that uses social media (e.g., blogs, vodcasts/podcasts, social networking sites, etc.) as a strategy of media advocacy.
  • Evaluate what you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign based on relevant criteria from the Learning Resources, for example:
  • Does the campaign focus on a specific population or target audience?
  • Does the campaign utilize multiple forms and channels?
  • Are the 4 Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) of the “marketing mix” used?
  • Are the materials appropriate for the target population?
  • Does the campaign focus on changing behavior or policy?
  • Does the campaign avoid using fear appeals or scare tactics?
  • Is the name of the campaign and its sponsor(s) clear?
  • How does the campaign address the monetary costs as well as other potential barriers associated with the health behavior?
  • How do the social media engage the target audience? Or do they?
  • Are the social media outlets frequently updated?
  • How could the message or the delivery channels be improved?

By Day 4

Post a brief summary of the social marketing campaign you selected, including an explanation of the media advocacy tools used to reach the intended population (e.g., public service announcements, social media, billboards, etc.). Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the social marketing campaign in reaching the target audience by using the bulleted list of items above. Provide at least one suggestion for enhancing and improving the message and/or the strategies used in advocating for this issue or policy.

Support your posting with information from the Learning Resources. Be sure to cite references in APA format.


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Organizations often require managers to write short articles for newsletter or blog publication. Becoming comfortable writing this style of commentary for a general audience is important in an era in which media can be authored by anyone.

*The focus of your work will be social responsibility of (Organic Valley). This is a public relations-style article.

be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format

(1 PAGE)

Finding the Perfect Message

Understanding the features and benefits of a product is essential to forming the overall marketing plan’s creative message. Brands use creative appeals to connect with the customer target markets. Product features transform into benefits for the customers to meet their wants and needs.

Provide a brief description of ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCT(Organic Valley) .

  • Discuss how the product fits a lifestyle or psychographic.
  • List two features of the product and assess how they transform into benefits for your target market.

be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format.

Marketing goal

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Discuss the notion that a key marketing goal is to change the consumer’s idea of a “want “to a “need”

(800 words)


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What is Marketing?

Social Media Research

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1)    Choose a national brand (and one product or service)

2)   Do basic research to learn about the brand, the product or service, and its target audience.

4)    Create a research survey/questionnaire to ask people about their social media habits, likes, dislikes. Use as your task of trying to improve the brand/product’s social media efforts.

5)    The survey must have at least 10 questions.

6)    The survey should have 2 demographic/geographic/or technographic questions.

7)    There must be at least one open ended question.

8)    Be sure to ask them specifically about what they would like in social media from the brand / product you chose.

9)    Tabulate your results, and put it in the form of a report you would give to a marketing manager at the brand you chose.

Marketing strategy

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Coca-Cola has introduced a new flavor: Orange Vanilla. The roll-out follows successful launches of Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke plus diet versions. How should this new item be launched?…

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read: the Press Release from Coca Cola’s website: “Introducing Orange Vanilla Coca Cola… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” and this CNN Story (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. What is Coca Cola’s motive for launching this new product? Do you believe it will succeed?
  3. Identify the primary message strategy (cognitive, affective, conative) you feel best matches the launch. Explain why you think it will be the best approach.
  4. Choose the type of advertising appeal (fear, humor, sex, music, rationality, emotional, scarcity) that fits this product introduction. Justify your choice.
  5. Choose the type of executional framework you feel would work best and justify your choice.