Operations Management

strategy implementation.

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  • Explain how the “Award Winning” company can benefit from using the BSC method as a strategic control system based on the information in the business case.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the financial perspective of the BSC method.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the customer perspective of the BSC method.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the business process perspective of the BSC method.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the learning and growth perspective of the BSC method.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of the business case and identify any potential weaknesses, challenges, or risks the “Award Winning” company may face in the future. Explain how the BSC method can be used to help mitigate the weaknesses, challenges, or risks.
  • Apply APA style referencing and use expository writing style to develop your answer.
  • Respond to a minimum of two of your fellow learners by debating the facts about the application of the BSC methodology to help control strategy implementation.


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1. How does Tesla compare with its key competitors?

2. Currently, how global is Tesla in terms of its products/services and operations? Justify the need for the company to expand overseas and assess the benefits due to such expansion. Analyze the challenges that the company is likely to face in moving into different international markets. Describe the core competencies/advantages of the company and its ability to transfer them to different international locations.

Trends in business analytics

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  • Do some research on recent trends in business analytics such as Google Analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and so on.
  • Focus on one trend and discuss its relevancy to your business or any business you would like to discuss.
  • Consider how these analytics tools would impact business decision making.

Nike Company

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1. Would you want to be a customer of this company?

a. What products and/or services are delivered?

b. Why would a customer choose to purchase products from this company rather than others?

c. What is this company’s competitive advantage?

d. What are the plans to service customers in the future (i.e., future products)?

e. How successfully will they be able to do this?

Sustainable competitive advantage

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Sustainable competitive advantage is the “holy grail” of corporate strategy, but it is elusive.

Using all you have learned to date about Harley-Davidson, analyze whether or not Harley-Davidson has a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Defend your answer using examples from your readings, the annual report, and other sources.

Strategic Planning

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Describe strategic planning and the processes involved. Discuss at least two of the processes in more detail.

(200 – 300 words)

Social Media Platforms and Business Communication Chart

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Provide a brief definition of each composition mode as it pertains to social media.

Identify a social media platform that may be used to communicate information in each mode.

Create an appropriate example of an internal or external business message that could be used in the social media platform selected.