Social Science

Identifying Relevant Theories and Models

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To complete this assignment, use the required APA “Identifying Relevant Theories and Models Template,” linked in the Resources. Using the same client that you used for Unit 4 Biopsychosocial Assessment assignment, address the following sections:

  • Theory Identification:
    • Review three theories that you feel might be appropriate for addressing the client’s sexual problem. Include a section on how neuroscience has facilitated our understanding of the client’s problem.
    • Pick the theory you believe best represents the client’s situation, and provide a rationale for your selection.
    • In addition, describe a systems perspective that provides an understanding of family and other systems theories and major models of family and related interventions as it pertains to human sexuality.
  • Reference:
    • Continue to add to your references list. Make sure that your references support the theory and model selections you selected. Continue to build the Reference section by adding the references you utilized to complete this section of your treatment plan.

Concert Report

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Sometime during the semester, you will have to attend a live performance of jazz and write a short paper about it.  Use the links below or other resources to find a jazz (or blues) concert to attend.  You cannot “attend” a video of a performance.  You must go to a LIVE performance.  Then write a report about what you saw and heard.  This report should be a minimum of 500 words long and should include the following:

1.  a description of the venue (night club, cafe, concert hall, etc.)

2.  a description of the band (the types of instruments/singers)

3.  descriptions of the music—This is the most important part!

Pay attention to the music, and take note of things that you find interesting.  You can organize your paper in any way that you’d like, but here are some ideas for things that you could include.

-Describe the overall style–is it similar in any way to any of the styles we have studied or any other music that you have heard?

-Point out any musical techniques that you recognize from our discussions in class (improvisation, blues-like melodies, syncopation, call and response, etc.)

-Describe on of the pieces that was played: who played the melody, who played improvised solos., and how did the piece end?

-Point out any aspects of the performance that you either liked or didn’t particularly like.  Was there anything that you found surprising or unusual?

Finally, you must provide proof that you attended this performance.  This can come in the form of a photo of you and the band, a program, a receipt from a jazz venue, or other similarly convincing proof. Turn in your concert report through this “Concert Report” link by clicking on the “Add Submission” button down below and attaching your paper and proof of attendance.

 The Changing Face of the War on Drugs in the U.S.

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Drug abuse has been defined as a significant social problem. This discussion provides an opportunity to examine this problem as well as the ways in which our reliance on punishment as a solution to drug abuse has changed over the years, given the different populations now impacted by the problem.

For this discussion, review the following resources:

After reviewing the required resources for this discussion, please address each of the following:

  1. How has the issue of drug addiction and the ‘war on drugs’ changed over the past 20 years?  In particular, how have the populations impacted by drugs changed?
  2. Is drug addiction treated as a crime or as a medical issue in our society?  In your informed opinion, which should it be?  Defend your answer using the resources provided.
  3. In your informed opinion, what do you think is the best course of action to address the drug addiction epidemic in the U.S.?  Should it differ by which drug is being abused?  Should it differ by the population using the drugs?
  4. Drug addiction is increasingly impacting whites, women, and middle/upper class people.  How have these changes impacted the social construction of drug addiction in our society?  In other words, how have these changes impacted the ways in which drug abuse is or is not criminalized and how it is treated by the criminal justice system?

History of drug trafficking.

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Examine the history of drug trafficking. Which countries do they come from, how can we control the problem, why are some towns/cities more saturated the others with illegal substances? What is the law and the penalties for trafficking and is the law deterrent to trafficking?

Applying Narrative and Solution-Focused Therapy

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Narrative and solution-focused therapy are postmodern theories of working with couples and families. In terms of practitioner relationships, both forms of therapy can be viewed as more collaborative than other theories discussed thus far in the course. They emphasize a more equal distribution of power between helping professional and client. They also promote movement away from a traditional metaphor of couple/family relations toward conceptualizing couple/family relationships as networks of co-constructed meanings.

For this Assignment, view two of the media resources in this week’s resources (at least one narrative and one solution-focused video). Identify the couple’s or family’s issue(s) and begin to think about short- and long-term goals you might include in treatment plans for them. As you consider techniques or interventions to accomplish these goals, think about how you would measure progress in re-authoring or storytelling.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Based on the theory demonstrated in the narrative video:

· Define the problem.

· Formulate a theory-based treatment plan including short- and long-term goals for the couple’s or family’s issues.

· Describe two theory-based interventions you would use and justify your selection.

Antioch’s graduate program

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Why are you considering Antioch’s graduate program at this point in your life/career? What do you hope to gain personally and professionally from this experience?

2. What have been your most significant learning experiences? Please provide some examples and context in your response. Also, include your experience with online and distance learning opportunities.

What do you see as the greatest challenge(s) facing people who strive to be leaders in today’s complex world?

If your undergraduate cumulative GPA is under 3.0, respond to this additional question in 250 words or less.

1. What factors contributed to our undergraduate GPA and how have those factors changed to enable success in this graduate program.

Police brutality

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Suppose you are a sociologist studying alleged police brutality. Construct two arguments, one proposing that you ought to be as objective as possible in your work and the other suggesting that, while striving for accuracy, you should take a stand against any injustices which your research may uncover. Which position do you find more convincing? Why?