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Food Stamp Challenge

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Over the past 40 years, politicians, policymakers and concerned community members have signed-up to take the Food Stamp Challenge—living for one week on an average food stamp budget– to better understand what it is like to live on a very limited food assistance allotment.  For this assignment, you have three options to experience this assignment:

  1. You will take part in a shortened version of      the SNAP (food stamp) challenge.  In this activity, you will try to      live on food stamp (SNAP) budget for one weekend (Friday night dinner, Saturday      breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast, lunch and      dinner).  The average SNAP budget for a single person for one weekend      is: $11.00.   For a family of four, the SNAP budget is $44.00      ($4.40 per person per day). Remember your budget needs to cover all      items, even snacks and beverages. If you choose this, please just take the      challenge yourself — do not include roommates or other family members in      the challenge unless they choose to take part and are over age 18.       Record your menus, include an ingredients list and the price of each      ingredient on your shopping list. After you finish the challenge, write-up      your results.  Your write-up needs to include:  Your menus, an      itemized list of the ingredients you used (actual or hypothetical) with      their prices and the total amount you (would have or actually)      spent.  Then write a 1-2 page reflection about what you learned from      this exercise and how it connects to our course      materials.  Please reference at least 3 course materials in your      reflection.
  2. Take a hypothetical challenge.  Go to a      grocery store (or multiple stores if you need to) and “shop”      hypothetically for a family of four for one weekend.  Record the      menus your imaginary family ate, a shopping list of ingredients and the      prices these ingredients would have cost.   After you finish the      challenge, write-up your results.  Your write-up needs to include:       Your menus, an itemized list of the ingredients you used (actual or      hypothetical) with their prices and the total amount you (would have or      actually) spent.  Then write a 1-2 page reflection about what you      learned from this exercise and how it connects to our course      materials.  Please reference at least 3 course materials in your      reflection.

Investigate the background of the SNAP program through research. Find out how it got started, why the monthly allotments were set for what they are, and what people can (and cannot) buy using SNAP. Write up a 2-3 page research paper from what you found. Use APA style and reference at least three peer-reviewed resources


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Explain socialization processes and practical reflection,also also required estimation  involes in the handling of conflict co-workers

Race, nationality, and ethnicity

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Some of the topics like Race, nationality, and ethnicity are some of the most written about subjects in sociology ,Research on these topic and write atleast one pragrapraph for each

Unintentional injuries

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1 Provide two examples of how time is an epidemiological factor in unintentional injuries

2 Describe the difference between an intentional and an unintentional injury, and give two examples of each.

3 What are two risk factors for intimate partner violence?

4What are three community approaches to the prevention of unintentional injuries?

Child welfare

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The social worker’s role is to support the family and connect them to resources and services including the parenting classes. There are many visible (lack of transportation, need for language interpretation) barriers and invisible barriers (shame, fear, confusion about expectations, etc) which prevent families like the one in the case study from following through. What strategies might a social worker use to address these two kinds of barriers?

Refugees in the United States.

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Provide at least three examples of problems that face refugees in the United States.

Strategic plan presentation

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Now that you have completed your review of the Strategic Plan for Stevens District Hospital, you have been asked to provide a presentation to the governing board of the hospital. This board is comprised of the president of the hospital, four business leaders from the community, and three leaders of the medical staff.

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation that summarizes your analysis and goals created. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Give an overview of the market.
  • State the mission and vision for Stevens District Hospital.
  • Provide the SWOT analysis.
  • Summarize the goals created for Stevens District Hospital.
  • Explain the rationale for goals created.
  • Describe itemized resources that may be needed.
  • Explain how the strategic plan provides focus and direction for Stevens District Hospital.