• Quality guarantee

Every paper is written from scratch by a native English-speaking expert who holds a proper MA diploma (PhD for dissertation writing) and has relevant background knowledge in a required subject field.

  • Zero plagiarism guarantee

Our experts use Copyscape, Turnitin and Assignment safe; run every accomplished paper through it. Plagiarism report is always provided to those students who require it.

  • On-time delivery guarantee

Do you have a burning deadline? No problem, our specialists will cope with it too! All our papers are delivered in time.

  • Confidentiality guarantee

Personal information about clients and their payment details is always kept in secret. As a matter of fact, the database of our clients is the cornerstone of our whole work and the source of our income. We are definitely not going to share it with anyone!

  • Money-back guarantee

Shall you be dissatisfied with the level of services received from us or the quality of your paper, we’ll return your money back! Full Refund is given to every student who happens to cancel the order and refuses to continue with the writing process.