personal narrative essay

Personal narrative essay

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The essay must be formatted with 1” margins. It should be at least 4 pages long.

This essay is a personal narrative about a learning experience you have encountered in your life, focusing on a time you faced a stigma (a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something, which negatively impacted your character or reputation). The purpose of the essay is to get you to think about style, organization, form, and audience while writing about a topic on which you are already an expert: yourself. Focus on finding one specific incident that encouraged a change in you, the value of the lessons learned, or the personal impact made by the experience of being stigmatized. By the end of your essay, your reader should feel that you, the writer, did change due to this experience.

Personal narrative essay

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Write a word personal narrative essay describing what you hope to gain from your college experience. You may include details about what you have learned and what you hope to learn in college that will help you to achieve your career goals.

Please note: The goal of narration is to tell a story.  For this assignment, I am asking that you narrate your “story”of your college experience and what you hope will happen because of this experience once you have graduated.

Of all the essays I will assign throughout the course, this is the most informal; you will not need to produce a rough draft of this essay assignment.

However, this is a composition course,so please reference the Lectures section of the course for information on essay writing and essay formatting.  All of the essays you write for this course should be formatted according to MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines.