power managment and reliability matlab project

Power management and reliability Matlab project

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Project Description

Write a Matlab program with GUI (graphical user interfaces) to solve (1) economic dispatch problems, and (2) power flow problems.

(1) Economic dispatch using Lambda-iteration method:

Input: Quadratic fuel cost function; Total load demand; Generation limits.

Output: Optimal output of each generating unit (kW or MW); incremental cost ($/kWh or $/MWh); Total fuel cost ($/hour); Plot IC curves.

Please find the needed input data or make reasonable assumption.

(2) Power flow: a sample system is shown in Figure 1.

Input: Bus data (Table 1); Line data (Table 2); Select power flow solution algorithms


• Newton-Raphson – power flow solutions (see Table 3) and total power losses in MW and MVAR.

• Decoupled power flow – power flow solutions (see Table 4) and total power losses in MW and MVAR.

• DC (linear) power flow – power flow solutions.