Succession plan

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In a minimum of 600 words, document a succession plan for an employee (e.g., IT Developer, Maintenance Crew, Training Specialist, CEO) in your chosen firm. What concepts are crucial when recruiting team members? Be sure to address the following questions in your response:

1) What are the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) of that position?

2) Will you select, train, or both for these KSAs?

3) How will you ensure your selected successor does not leave the firm?

4) What succession planning process will you use?

Follow the steps above in chronological order. Any sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

Definition of Leadership

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reflect on the leadership definition that you created in Module One.  Focus on the following guidelines:

  • How has your definition changed?
  • Why did you make the specific changes?

In my opinion, a leader is one that can manage a group of people through an exceptional ethical conduct, skills, and knowledge that demonstrates one’s effort to handle a task and is able to train his followers by imparting his skills and knowledge that will help increase productivity in an organization.

gap analysis

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One of the security findings in the gap analysis  is high turnover and low morale among employees. Upon further investigation, you discover that the company does not provide specialized training to bridge special skill gaps, and there is no wellness system in place to help employees keep in physical shape. After completing the assigned readings (The Impact of Rewards Programs on Employee Engagement and How Employee Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings for Your Company), address the following in your initial post:

· List five ideas for a work site wellness program to help employees improve their stress anxiety, fatigue, and boredom.

· To what extent do you think a wellness program influences employees’ productivity?

· To what extent do you think rewards affect employee performance?

· What strategies do you propose to address lack of knowledge, skills, and abilities?

Then , do you agree with their assessment of a rewards and/or wellness program? Why or why not? Do you have any personal experience to support your opinion?” (TWO (2) PARAGRAPHS EACH WITH REFERENCES ON EACH OF THEM SEPARATELY,